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Eating dinner in the famous Eiffel Tower

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Imagine eating a private dinner with your family at one of the most famous restaurants in the world. Picture eating in a large restaurant that sits 1,000 feet above the ground, surrounded by glass windows, and overlooking beautiful scenery. For some people it’s a scary thought, but for 23-year-old Juan Gilfillian II it’s something that he looks forward to.  read more>>


Female makes the football team

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Watching your son play in his first football game can be a bit frightening for a parent.  While it may be the most exciting day of his life, a parent may ask why did I let my son play one of the roughest sports. Like most football practices, the day starts off intense and ends full of sweaty men. But at Suitland High School, located in Suitland, Maryland it was a very different year. Unlike other schools, Suitland was the first high school in Maryland to ever have a female on the team.   read more>>


Maryland experiences record-breaking snow

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 Deciding when and where to go in the unexpected 2 to 3-feet of snow was a tough decision for most people, but it didn’t stop James West. West like most people ran to the grocery store just days before the news of record breaking snow, so he could be prepared for what he calls “insanity at its best.” Read more>>

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